Friday, November 25, 2016

Seeking Information on the FREE Online Opportunities That You Participate In!

I am a successful and extremely skilled online promotion professional.   For the past decade I’ve put my sharply honed promotional online promotion skills to work mostly in the Get Paid To (GPT) and Affiliate Network areas of free online opportunities and that has been good to me.

Lately, I’ve been seeking to diversify my efforts into other free online opportunities other than GPT sites and networks.  The type of online opportunities I’m looking to get into are pretty much anything that’s entirely FREE to join and earn from (not requiring a monetary investment of any kind – ever)

If you think you may have a free online opportunity that I may be interested in then either post it below in the comments to this post or please send me complete information and your referral / affiliate link to me at If it matters then yes, I am in the U.S. (Chicago)

Yes, if I’m not already signed up for a decent free opportunity that you send me information on then I’ll be glad to sign up under you (and I’m sure that you will be very happy with the promotion I provide the opportunity after I sign up)


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