Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How to Get Every One of All of Your Referral Links Promoted Simultaneously FOR FREE in Bulk with Pings and Back Links to Boot !

We’ll be using, a FREE backlink generator, search engine submission, and bulk ping service as our submission engine today!  Yes, is excellent for submitting a pile of miscellaneous URLs you may have laying around but referral links or any url that run’s a specific script with a value in the URL (such as URLs with a referrer?281923 statement in them) have those very important values truncated (lopped off) while submitting to BulkLink.

Method 1: This method is much easier, takes much less time, and is less complicated then my method 2 (below) but keep in mind that I believe that method 2 may actually be more effective.  Our method 1 involves keeping a running log (in Notepad.exe?  1 per line?) of all the shortened URLs resulting from running all of your referral links through each one at a time (preferably within a signed in account.  Incidentally, just recently I found my login link going to an error page.  The work-around for me was to first submit a URL to be shortened out-side of a logged in account and then click on the ‘details’ of that newly created shortened link – and BOOM, there I am back into my account (previously registered)  …at this point I’ll just say to hold on to your list of shortened reflinks while I explain my method 2: to those interested in the probably more effective method (below)

Method 2: Involves making a single subdomain for each of your referral links off of any domain you may have handy that fit’s the bill.  If it’s a GoDaddy registered domain then that makes the process really simple.  For example, if your referral link was for then you would make a subdomain (including the www.) and pointing it to the entire referral link you have (including the http://)  It may ask if you want your new forwarded subdomain to be ‘cloaked’ – no, it’s not necessary in this instance)  You can use your subdomain list as your list or (maybe better) use Notepad.exe to create a list of your new subdomain URLs.

Submitting to BulkLink: Simply copy and paste around 15 or so of your newly shortened (or subdomain forwarded) referral links and plug them into the big white box at  Click ‘ALL’ for ‘Search Engine’, ‘Ping’, 'and ‘Backlink’ making sure that the number of ‘Bulks’ does not exceed 20,000 (if it does then remove URLs until it is under that)  Now type in the captcha numbers or text and hit submit!  Yes, when BulkLink says it’s going to spend that much time on your free promotion – that’s what it means!  (it’s not unusual to see a 20 hour promotion session running)

If everything is going well and you have good timing for when BulkLink traffic is at it’s lowest then it might just start your session immediately (rare), if it’s kind of busy then you may be faced with a countdown (have patience and feel fortunate that you haven’t been greeted with the all too familiar ‘System Overload’ message which basically means to give up and try again in a couple hours of so when the system isn’t so bogged down.)

There You Go!  Once you’ve completed this process successfully then you can rest assured that you have given yourself the best possible chances of your referral link being clicked on from search engine results or on some other backlink site to gain a referral – Woot!

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